Functions And Duties

The Office is charge of the overall planning and administration of the University’s developmental strategies and academic development. Based on the system of organization and mechanism, the Office closely integrates development planning with academic development, with scholars, students and academic research, and with major science and technology programs. Its primary functions and duties are listed below:

1. Research on the University’s developmental strategies and comprehensive reform.

2. Compiling the plans of the University’s development

3. Administration and research of academic development

4. The allocation of the University’s resources; research and planning of performance appraising management.

5. Proving and evaluating major issues such as educational expansion programs and nation-wide strategic cooperation.

6. Working as the Secretariat of the University’s Academic Council

7. Coordinating and administering matters pertaining to academic ethics and attitudes to learning.

8. Coordinating and managing social service and the assistance programs assigned to the University.